Installing Cypress Framework from scratch

Hi everybody, I started a new tutorial series about cypress. In this tutorial we will create a cypress framework from sctrach. You can use this framework for your projects as a base framework. Let’s get started.

Firstly I will create my project folder whose name is “mycucumberproject” on my computer. After that go inside the folder and open the command line in the folder.

Now , we will create package.json in this folder. To create the package.json file , we will use the “npm init — y “ command.

As you see above, we have created our package.json file in the project folder. After that we will install cypress. To install cypress on the project we will use the “npm install –save -dev” command.

After installing cypress you can open the cypress dashboard with the “npx cypress open” command.

On this screen, I will continue E2E testing.You can choose a browser which is installed on your computer. I will choose chrome browser.

After that screen I will choose a sample test.

As you see above, my test has passed. If you want you can open your project with VS code. To open a project with VS code go inside the project folder on CMD and type “code .” and hit enter.

After that your project looks like

In my next article , I will install Cucumber on my cypress project